Cedars Cabins in New Ulm, Texas has closed.

Thank you for your interest and support over the many years! Happy Trails!

Psalm 104: 16-17a The trees of the Lord drink their fill, the cedars... which He planted, where the birds build their nests.

ANTIQUEING:  You are in Antique Country, for a listing of dates and the big exhibitors at the shows try:
http://www.antiqueweekend.com/indexmain.html, http://roundtopantiquesfair.com/ and http://www.showdaily.us/Index.cfm
but rest assured, antique shops dominate most towns in the area.

BASKETBALL:  There is an excellent lighted covered outdoor court at West End Baptist Church in Industry (979) 357-2670, or just show up.

BIKING:  Pedal your bike on one of the many routes around La Grange, MS 150 Biking Headquarters:  http://www.lagrangetx.org/visitors/bikelagrange.asp

BIRDING:  There is an abundance of unique bird species at the Cedars property and you may want to see the Texas Parks and Wildlife resources for this area http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wild/wildlife_trails/pineywoods/piney_west/pwwmap_large.phtml  and other local resources

CANOEING: or floating on the Colorado River thanks to the Lower Colorado River Authority www.lcra.org/community/crt_one_day_float.html and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddling Trails http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishboat/boat/paddlingtrails/inland/columbus/ or via Howell Canoe Livery  www.howellcanoe.com  (979) 732-3816 in Columbus.

CATERERS:  From Hinze’s Bar-B-Que (979) 885 7808 to Chuck Wagons http://www.beansnbacon.com/  (979) 732-3207 and gourmet cuisine (see FINE DINING) it can be delivered to you!

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES: An Amusement Park for all ages in Brenham at the http://www.horseshoejunction.com and a working dairy with petting zoo and tours at www.texasjersey.com in LaGrange.

CHURCH and worship opportunities are great in the country, as listed on the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce Website:  http://www.newulm-tx.com/church_directory.html

DANCING in the old Dance Halls including http://harmoniehall.com/ (979) 836-7474 or (979) 836-5778 in
Shelby, or Ropers in Sealy (979) 885 7371 and Todd Fritsch live, if he is in the neighborhood
http://www.toddfritsch.us/modules/news/article.php?storyid=561 or read the adds in the local newspapers for weekend events.

EATING OUT: See New Ulm under the Places to Go tab, or Fine Dining Below

FINE DINING at Royer’s Round Top Café http://www.royersroundtopcafe.com/ (877) 866-7437, Carol’s at Cat Spring  
http://www.blisswood.net/restaurant.html  (979) 865 1100 or the Cascades Restaurant at The Falls
http://www.thefallsresort.com/cascades-restaurant.html  (979) 992-3123

FIREWORKSAustin County allows fireworks, provided there is not a burn ban in effect, you can check with them at http://www.austincounty.com/ips/cms/ (979) 865-5911.  Numerous entities and websites sell fireworks for delivery
(but please don’t have them shipped to Cedars Cabins), including http://www.usfireworks.biz/  and
http://www.acmefireworks.com/products.htm .  In-state stands can only sell during the designated dates around New Year and July 4th including:  www.bigthunderfireworks.com (800) 274-4912.  Be careful out there! Cedars Cabins takes no responsibility for
accidents or fires!

FISHING:  Besides fishing on one of four ponds at the Cedars, try your luck at Lake Somerville or Fayette Lake http://www.lcra.org/parks/developed_parks/oak_thicket.html, for guide information:  http://www.fayettecountybassfishing.com/ (281) 460-9200  
(979) 732-4536 or

GOLF is easily found at the Falls Golf Resort and Club http://www.thefallsresort.com/the-falls-golf-shop.html  (979) 992-3125,
The Brenham Country Club http://www.brenhamcc.com/ (979) 836-1733 and the Bellville Golf and Recreation Club
(979) 865-9058

GROCERY AND CONVENIENCE STORES: Lindemann Store (979) 357-2121 in Industry couldn’t be any closer to Cedars Cabins and it carries almost everything, like a mini-Wal-Mart. Shulz General Store (979) 992-3342 in New Ulm also carries groceries and numerous items. Both are open 7 days a week. Industry even has its own convenience store open for that late night Blue Bell Ice Cream and other cravings, just east on 159: P&M Quick Stop (979) 357-2444

HORSEBACK RIDING is available, call Clynt Raley in Sealy (979) 885 6546 for lessons try Mill Creek Stables at
(979) 278-3062 in Round Top or Almost Heaven Stables (979) 733-9680 in Columbus.

HUNTING:  BIRDS:  Raisin ‘L Ranch  http://www.raisinlranch.com/  (281) 485-2300 just past Frelsburg or Top Flight Hunting
Preserve http://www.topflighthunting.com/ (979) 732-9196 just 4 miles South of Columbus on Hwy. 71. Goose hunting at
http://www.texasgoosehunt.com/  (979) 234 6827 in Eagle Lake: Goose Hunting Capital of the World http://www.visiteaglelake.com/hunting.html

BIG GAME: Exotic Deer try gary@industryinet.com  B.W. (979) 885-9900 or Gary Henneke (281) 799-2456 in Industry. Whitetail Deer, try J.W. Golla (979) 732 5280 out of Columbus

SWIMMING:  Free at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center in Brenham: http://www.ci.brenham.tx.us/parks/bbac-index.php
(979) 337 7250 or for $5 per person/day at The Falls swimming pools (979) 992-3125 or travel a little farther to www.splashwaywaterpark.com  (979) 234-7718 in Sheridan

SPA TREATMENTS AND MASSAGE: Less than 20 miles away is www.allforyouwellness.com 979-249-2544 at 4739 Treybig Loop outside Fayetteville who offers massages. or in Brenham www.visitbrenhamtexas.com/play/spas.html.

WEDDINGS and PARTIES:  The Cedars is a great wedding, reception or party venue as are other landmarks in the area, but it all starts with a call to an area party planner or coordinator: Tara Royer, tara_royer@yahoo.com, (512) 626-3316

WILDFLOWERS bloom in late March and April at the Cedars and you can additionally track some wildflower sightings along
highways at: http://lnstar.com/wildflowers/lagrange.htm and www.visitbrenhamtexas.com/play/outdoors/wildflower-trails.html

WINERIES AND VINYARDS: Close by in Brenham are Windy Hill http://www.windyhillwinery.net/tour_info.htm
(979) 836-3252 and Pleasant Hill Wineries http://www.pleasanthillwinery.com/  (979) 830-8463, Rosemary's vineyard and winery in LaGrange: http://wines-made-in-texas.com/default.aspx (979) 249-2109

***For estimates on distances, please refer to the map on the home page, use a web-based map aide or contact the referenced vendor. Please confirm all information ahead of time. Cedars Cabins takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for these

Area Activities