ANTIQUEING:  You are in Antique Country, for a listing of dates and the big exhibitors at the shows try:, and
but rest assured, antique shops dominate most towns in the area.

BASKETBALL:  There is an excellent lighted covered outdoor court at West End Baptist Church in Industry (979) 357-2670, or just show up.

BIKING:  Pedal your bike on one of the many routes around La Grange, MS 150 Biking Headquarters:

BIRDING:  There is an abundance of unique bird species at the Cedars property and you may want to see the Texas Parks and Wildlife resources for this area  and other local resources

CANOEING: or floating on the Colorado River thanks to the Lower Colorado River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddling Trails or via Howell Canoe Livery  (979) 732-3816 in Columbus.

CATERERS:  From Hinze’s Bar-B-Que (979) 885 7808 to Chuck Wagons  (979) 732-3207 and gourmet cuisine (see FINE DINING) it can be delivered to you!

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES: An Amusement Park for all ages in Brenham at the and a working dairy with petting zoo and tours at in LaGrange.

CHURCH and worship opportunities are great in the country, as listed on the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce Website:

DANCING in the old Dance Halls including (979) 836-7474 or (979) 836-5778 in
Shelby, or Ropers in Sealy (979) 885 7371 and Todd Fritsch live, if he is in the neighborhood or read the adds in the local newspapers for weekend events.

EATING OUT: See New Ulm under the Places to Go tab, or Fine Dining Below

FINE DINING at Royer’s Round Top Café (877) 866-7437, Carol’s at Cat Spring  (979) 865 1100 or the Cascades Restaurant at The Falls  (979) 992-3123

FIREWORKSAustin County allows fireworks, provided there is not a burn ban in effect, you can check with them at (979) 865-5911.  Numerous entities and websites sell fireworks for delivery
(but please don’t have them shipped to Cedars Cabins), including  and .  In-state stands can only sell during the designated dates around New Year and July 4th including: (800) 274-4912.  Be careful out there! Cedars Cabins takes no responsibility for
accidents or fires!

FISHING:  Besides fishing on one of four ponds at the Cedars, try your luck at Lake Somerville or Fayette Lake, for guide information: (281) 460-9200  
(979) 732-4536 or

GOLF is easily found at the Falls Golf Resort and Club  (979) 992-3125,
The Brenham Country Club (979) 836-1733 and the Bellville Golf and Recreation Club
(979) 865-9058

GROCERY AND CONVENIENCE STORES: Lindemann Store (979) 357-2121 in Industry couldn’t be any closer to Cedars Cabins and it carries almost everything, like a mini-Wal-Mart. Shulz General Store (979) 992-3342 in New Ulm also carries groceries and numerous items. Both are open 7 days a week. Industry even has its own convenience store open for that late night Blue Bell Ice Cream and other cravings, just east on 159: P&M Quick Stop (979) 357-2444

HORSEBACK RIDING is available, call Clynt Raley in Sealy (979) 885 6546 for lessons try Mill Creek Stables at
(979) 278-3062 in Round Top or Almost Heaven Stables (979) 733-9680 in Columbus.

HUNTING:  BIRDS:  Raisin ‘L Ranch  (281) 485-2300 just past Frelsburg or Top Flight Hunting
Preserve (979) 732-9196 just 4 miles South of Columbus on Hwy. 71. Goose hunting at  (979) 234 6827 in Eagle Lake: Goose Hunting Capital of the World

BIG GAME: Exotic Deer try  B.W. (979) 885-9900 or Gary Henneke (281) 799-2456 in Industry. Whitetail Deer, try J.W. Golla (979) 732 5280 out of Columbus

SWIMMING:  Free at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center in Brenham:
(979) 337 7250 or for $5 per person/day at The Falls swimming pools (979) 992-3125 or travel a little farther to  (979) 234-7718 in Sheridan

SPA TREATMENTS AND MASSAGE: Less than 20 miles away is 979-249-2544 at 4739 Treybig Loop outside Fayetteville who offers massages. or in Brenham

WEDDINGS and PARTIES:  The Cedars is a great wedding, reception or party venue as are other landmarks in the area, but it all starts with a call to an area party planner or coordinator: Tara Royer,, (512) 626-3316

WILDFLOWERS bloom in late March and April at the Cedars and you can additionally track some wildflower sightings along
highways at: and

WINERIES AND VINYARDS: Close by in Brenham are Windy Hill
(979) 836-3252 and Pleasant Hill Wineries  (979) 830-8463, Rosemary's vineyard and winery in LaGrange: (979) 249-2109

***For estimates on distances, please refer to the map on the home page, use a web-based map aide or contact the referenced vendor. Please confirm all information ahead of time. Cedars Cabins takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for these

Area Activities